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Ana evelyn


Can pregnancy cause bloodshot eyes?

I am pregnant. And i got bloodshot eyes. Can pregnancy cause bloodshot eyes? Or it is a sign of pink eyes or other eye problems?
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  • Joseph bell


    Yes, pregnancy can cause bloodshot eyes. Blood vessel systematic diseases caused by pregnancy induced hypertension are liable to lead to the eye ground hemorrhage. In general, the eye ground hemorrhage needs to be analyzed according to the specific case. Light hemorrhage can be cured with medicines, but taking your pregnancy into consideration, the medicines are limited in quantity. I suggest you check your eye ground to see if you need to receive a laser treatment and a laser treatment does less harm to your baby than medication. Or bloodshot eyes during pregnancy have something to do with insufficient sleep or inflammation or conjunctivitis. Under such circumstances, you need to ensure your ample sleep and nutrition during pregnancy and drip some eye drops under the guidance of a doctor.
  • Kaylee


    Problems with your eyes could pop up during pregnancy, but don't worry. You can expect them to correct themselves after the baby comes.Hormonal changes cause the body to produce fewer tears, so eyes are often left feeling irritated and gritty, and bloodshot and sensitive to light. But watch out for drops designed to get rid of the red-eye effect: They constrict blood vessels and increase irritation. Look for nonvasoconstrictive ones instead. If you use drops more than four times a day, call an ophthalmologist.
  • Minaxi Patel


    When you get pregnant, your inner body will work not formally. Your eyes will feel dry. It is the dryness that causes you to get the bloodshot eyes. You should protect the eyes carefully by using the eyes too much time in front of computers or tv. You'd better eat more food with vitamin A and C to moisture the eyes, letting them get avoid of the pink eyes or other eye problems.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    There are many problems cause bloodshot eyes, and pregnant is one of them. The levels of hormones in your body during pregnancy result many problems, including bloodshot eyes. If you got bloodshot eyes during pregnant, the first thing should avoid is using eye drops. Second, do not take medicines as usually because those medicines may bad for your baby. Third, see your eye doctor, have a physical examination, take the medicines as your doctor advised.

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