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Does health insurance cover lasik surgery?

I went to the eye doctor today and was told that I am perfect candidate for lasik surgery. i want to know if health insurance covers the surgery cost? Is there anyway to get full or partial coverage by my insurance?
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  • Hebbe


    That depends on whether it is cosmetic or medical necessary. And some insurance companies that offer a vision plan may cover part of the laser eye surgery. Usually the insurance company won't cover the lasik surgery if it is for cosmetic purpose. But if it is medical necessary, the insurance company may cover the surgery. Some conditions that the insurance company covers the surgery include eye injury, severe refractive errors and conditions that result from surgery.
  • Theron


    Usually, the cost of refractive or laser eye surgery not covered by health insurance. Because most of health insurance companies consider it cosmetic and not medically necessary since the surgery is usually an elective surgery. But some insurance companies that may offer a vision plan that may provide partial coverage for laser eye surgery. Anyway, you shall check your insurance company to determine if the surgery in the plan.

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