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James taylor


How to pass an eye exam at the dmv?

I need to get my driver's license and I am so nervous to get my eye exam. How can I pass it easily?
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  • Zoe


    Relax. You needn't worry about the eye exam. It is very easy, just be normal. If you nervous the eye exam because you have poor vision, you are permitted to wear prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses during the test. But the license will state that restriction on the back. Usually, DMVs may have slightly varying requirements. Anyway, if you really poor vision,I believe that you will wear eyeglasses when your drive without DMV requirements.
  • Jason warren


    Don't worry about it. Before you go to have an eye exam for a driver's license, make sure you know all policies or procedures. If you need to wear corrective lenses when driving, then you can put on your glasses or contact lenses. As long as your vision can reach the standard vision with or without corrective lenses, you are allowed to get a driver's license. However, if you wear corrective lenses when taking the test, you are restricted to wear them when driving. Then just follow the employee's instructions to finish the test.
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  • Serena


    Go to opthalmologist and get glasses.

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