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How to instill eye drops properly?

Everytime when I instill eye drops, they will run down my face. What is the best way to apply eye drops?
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  • Jason


    When you start to instill eye drops, you should tilt your head back. Then use the index finger of one hand to pull down your lower eyelid and use your thumb and index finger of the other hand to hold the eye drop bottle. Next, squeeze the bottle gently so that 1 eyedrop falls into your eye and then close your eye slowly for a few minutes. Follow this steps won't make the eye drops run down on your face. Good luck!
  • walkinawayfromu


    I can recommend you some knowledge on how to instill eye drops, you can follow my steps: first, you should clean your hands; second, use your hand to pull open your lower eyelid and form a nest-shaped; third, you should look up; fourth, drop liquid on your white eye; fifth, look down for several seconds; then slowly let go of your lower eyelid, close your eyes for one or two minutes. Finally, you can press your root of nose which near the corner of eye, in order to avoid eye drops run off from nasolacrimal duct.
  • Chelsey


    Read the instructions on the bottle to see if there's anything special instructed or not, follow it. Wash your hands is necessary for your eyes' hygiene, as not to infect the eyes or add any dirt. Form a pocket. Using an index finger, gently pull down on the area below your lower lid. This pulls the lower lid away from the eye, forming a small pocket. Once the eye drop is in, close the eyes so the drops are distributed around the entire eye.