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How to fake an eye exam to get glasses?

I really want to get glasses but i dont have them. How to fake an eye exam to get glasses?
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  • Gabriella


    I just wonder why you fail an eye exam to get glasses. I guess you don't have vision problems and still want to wear glasses, so you just intend to fail the eye exam to get glasses. But I would not suggest you do in this way. If you wear glasses that have a prescription for your perfect vision, you will suffer some discomfort, such as blurry vision and headaches. If you wear your prescription glasses for a long time, it will damage your eyes. If you want to wear glasses with perfect vision, I suggest you get a pair of non prescription glasses.
  • Dylan


    I can't understand why you'd wanna fail an eye test is to get glasses. I strong suggest you don't fake it for sake of your eye health. Wear such eyeglasses will ruin your vision or cause other uncomfortable like headaches. I believe that you will regret to do so when you get older and really need eyeglasses. If you just want to get eyeglasses for looks, you needn't do that, just buy a pair of plano eyeglasses( non prescription eyeglasses) to enhance your look.
  • Jak e



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