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What kind of eye glasses does Sarah Palin wear?

What kind of eye glasses does Sarah Palin wear? Where can I get such style glasses?
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  • hill


    I head some people say that the eyeglasses Sarah Palin wearing is Kazuo Kawasaki 704, and they cost about $350. But i think it is expensive for just a pair of eyeglasses. From her images, we can see her eyeglasses is just a pair of rimless eyeglasses in square shape. In fact, you can get such square rimless eyeglasses almost in every shapes in a lower prices such as Nevertheless, if you have very strong prescription, you are not recommended to wear such rimless eyeglasses frames.
  • walkaboutpnw


    Eyeglasses that Sarah Palin wear are rimless with titanium frames and rectangle lenses. This kind of eyeglasses are indestructible, lightweight, flexible, and smart-looking and they become popular in recent years due to Sarah Palin. sarah palin eyeglasses have no complicated decoration or designs. They are just simple with the rimless design, which has drawn plenty of attention. This kind of eyeglasses do make you look smart and kind of professional if they are suitable for you.