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Can you use sunglasses to view solar eclipse?

I don't have special equipment to view solar eclipse. Can I use my polarized sunglasses?
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  • Shelby rodney


    No. It is very dangerous to use sunglasses to view solar eclipse. If you use sunglasses to view solar eclipse, your eyes will be damaged immediately. It can also cause blindness if it is serious enough and your vision won't grow back again. You'd better use special equipment to view solar eclipse to ensure the safety of your eyes. If you don't have special equipment, you can try other ways like using a hand mirror to reflect the light of the sun onto the sidewalk and you can see solar eclipse indirectly.
  • walkerstalker2


    Do not do that. It is quite dangerous. The light transmittance of sunglasses is too high, and it is easy to burn your eyes even cause blindness. There are plenty of detectoscopes with low price in glasses stores. It is the safest way. Besides, welding goggles are a wonderful choice. Eyes are very vulnerable, so they need your painstaking cares. Do not do anything that is possible to harm them.
  • Joshua?


    Definitely not, it would damage eyes. The sunglasses become a popular decoration in recent years, which could reduce the strong light but not prevent it. When watching the solar eclipse, your eyes would be damaged seriously even become blindness if you are wearing the sun glasses. The solar eclipse’s light transmittance is too high, you had better use a mirror to reflect the light if you don’t have a professional equipment.