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Debra Havel


How much does it cost to repair my aviator sunglasses in Los Angeles ?

A screw in my aviator sunglasses came off and I don't have any tools to repair it. How much will it cost to repair it?
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  • Isabelle duncan


    If you want to repair your aviator sunglasses in Los Angeles, you an go to Paul Gross Eyeglass Repair to have a look. I've seen some reviews about it and I find it very cheap to have your avitor sunglasses repaired there. Try Repair to get more information about this place where you need to go to have your sunglasses repaired. Good luck!
  • Sara scott


    It is really funny question. Usually, You can get your aviator sunglasses repaired for free of charge at where you buy the sunglasses from. If you often wear sunglasses or glasses, you can just buy a screwdriver partially use for the screw for sunglasses from optical store. Then, you can repair your sunglasses yourself whenever the screw loose. It is not worthy to pay for somebody who tight the screw of you sunglasses.

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