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Does playing video games in the dark hurt my eyes?

I wonder if playing video games in the dark hurts my eyes. I often play my favorite games. Will my eyes get damaged?
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  • Jon


    Yes, it of course hurts your eyes. When you are playing video games in the dark, the using eyes can't get the bright light to let them see clearly. You may squint your eyes. After a long time, you may get short sighted because of the unclear seeing for a long time. If you have already get the short sighted eyes, by doing this, it will make your short sightedness more serious. Thus, you should not do this any more.
  • characterposter


    To be honest, it is true that playing games with all lights off will generate damage to your eyes. Because there will not be other light source to distract your eyes from focusing on the TV screen, which constantly gives damage to your eyes. So, if you wanna reduce the damage, my advice for you is to turn on some lights. Most importantly, you should learn to regain the balance between real life and virtual life. That's it.
  • Saarah


    Yes, it will hurt your eyes. Because if you have been playing video games in the dark for a long time, it will make some pressure to your eyes and can damage your eyes easily. Then it can also lead to a lot of vision problems. So you should control your time of playing video games in the dark. Besides, you can have a rest and just go outside. For example you can watch some green things like the trees and leaves, so that they can give your eyes a good relax.

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