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What can cause floaters in the eye?

i have floaters and I found many people have the same symptoms with me. I wonder what causes floaters in the eye?
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  • Makayla raphael


    People with eye floaters usually have tiny sports, specks and flecks that drift aimlessly around in your field of vision. We are born with vitreous in our eyes has a gel-like consistency. When we grow up and become older, the vitreous begins to dissolve and liquefy to create a watery center. And some of undissolved gel particles will float around in the more liquid center of the vitreous. And those undissolved gel particles in our eyes are what we known as floaters.
  • Cameron smith


    With age, many people will get eye floaters due to the changes in the vitreous. The vitreous will shrink and become shred-like. Some of the shreds will block the light getting into the eye, which cause shadows on the retina and then result in eye floaters. Some eye surgery, eye injury and eye disease can also cause eye floaters. What's more, retinal disorders like retinal detachment and retinal tear may result in eye floaters, too.
  • duncan


    Floaters can be divided into physiological floaters and pathological floaters. Although the cause of the physiological floaters is difficult to find out, but the treatment of physiological floaters do not need any medication. The cause may be excessive use of eyes, long-term psychological depression. The causes of pathological floaters are very complex, it is caused by high myopia, inflammation or bleeding in the internal part of eyeball due to physical trauma.

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