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Do you think oakley asian fit sunglasses offensive?

I am an asian living in America. I have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit me well. When I saw Oakley "asian fit sunglasses". I was a little offended. Am i too sensitive?
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  • b1ggy_13


    You can try, though there are terms such as Asian fit sunglasses or European fit sunglasses. In fact, they are not exactly just fit for Asian or European, it depends your face shape and facial features. One of my friends ( a Chinese) who have a pair of Oakley "asian fit sunglasses". It looks good on him. And he told me his sunglasses are comfortable. So, you shall try on and test it out yourself.
  • Michael anderson


    No. I don't think so. Asian fit sunglasses mean that they are designed to fit asian facial features. Some asian find they can hardly find sunglasses that can fit them properly and many sunglasses they wear can slide down their noses easily. Now asian fit glasses can meet their needs. If you have a lower nose bridge and higher cheekbones, then asian fit sunglasses are suitable for you. These kinds of sunglasses just indicate that they are suitable for asian facial features.
  • walgru


    It is just to help people find a pair of suitable sunglasses more quickly. There is no offensive meaning at all. Some people are particularly finding this kind of stores because they find it difficult for them to find a pair of suitable sunglasses in other countries. It depends on your face shape to choose a pair of sunglasses instead of your nationality. You should just mind the rightness and quality of the sunglasses rather than the label or name.

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