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Can i smoke after cataract surgery?

Is it ok to smoke weed after cataract surgery? Can smoking after cataract surgery lead to some problems?
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  • hill


    Hello, you'd better not smoke after cataract surgery. Because after the surgery, your eyes are not in stable condition and excessive smoking or drinking will easily cause inflammation and some other eyes injuries, youe eyes may be blurred,you'll have more irritation in the eye.Your condition may become worse, so please do not smoke during this period.
  • Brandon evelyn


    No, you'd better not smoke weed after the cataract surgery. The irritating materials inner the weed may stimulate your eye nerves which may cause your eyes get red and let your eyes feel uncomfortable. If you often smoke weed, your eye vision may be affected. Thus, you are strongly suggested not to do so.
  • Jaime Smiley


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