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Can you fly after strabismus surgery?

How soon can i fly after strabismus surgery? Any idea?
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  • california_lovv


    According to specialists' advice, generally the more time patients spend on their eyes' recovery, the better and sooner the recovering processes. Usually one to three months are at leas necessary. However, one month's recovery and caring after strabismus surgery is a must. And, to make everything is secure, before you fly, you are supposed to turn to your doctor for a check.
  • classynottrashy


    Strabismus surgery can be also understand as eye muscle surgery. The surgery can improve the strength of the ye muscles. Usually, patient can back to home the day after surgery. But you are not allow to take plane at least within one week. And after the surgery, your eyes may appear red in 2 weeks. In fact, your doctor will told you what you should avoid after the surgery. Consult your doctor and follow his advices. Good luck!
  • handsomestudgw


    After the strabismus surgery, you'd better not fly which may cause your blood pressure rise suddenly, especially at the taking off and leading process. You could wait for about a month. After you get the recovery, you may fly. And you should take notice of your eyes protection from the habit after the strabismus surgery.