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Can too much salt cause puffy eyes?

Does too much salt lead to puffy eyes? Is that true?
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    Too much salt really lead to puffy eyes, yes, actually is! The excessive salt will increase the load of renal, partial of the salt and water would not smoothly get excrete on time. Finally, it remains in the whole body by the circulation system, when this symptom appears in the eyes, the cheek and eyelids will puffy. The salt is the mineral that would adjust the moisture's balance distribution, it is important to impel of digestive juice, it balance the power of hydrogen within the inner body of human. However, too much or little intake will broken the balance of circulation system of our bodies. As part of your body, your eyes will be puffy when too much salt is taken.
  • eden540


    Usually, puffy can be caused by heredity. Besides, it can also caused by fluid retention, which may occur due to a change in hormonal levels. So, it is normal for pregnant women got puffy eyes. Besides, eating too much of salt can also cause water retention, further to cause not only puffy eyes, but also swelling hands and feet.
  • creatingme


    Yeah, it could cause that. In general, Puffy eyes refer to the swelling of the tissue around your eyes. One of the main causes of puffy eyes is eating too much salt, which could cause water rentention in the body because it rich in sodium. It would not only lead to eye puffiness, but also to swelling in your hands and feet. In other words, it keeps your skin excessively hydrated and therefore puffy looking.