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Fari Tackaberry


Can too much sun cause swollen eyes?

Will too much sun cause swollen eyes? Why?
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  • Benjamin gary


    Yes, too much sun cause swollen eyes actually. That is because of the stimulation and fatigue of eyes, it will get dry eye, tears, eye swollen, sore eye or blur vision symptom later if you not pay attention to this situation. This just because long time use of the eyes under the strong rays and ultraviolets. The ray shot are too dazzling to the subtle eyes tissue, it hurt the visual purple to makes color cast and hurt the visual pigments. That will make you feel dizzy and hurt ciliaris for a long time, then lead to myopia. You'd better take care you're your eyes, avoid the long time under the strongly sunshine and make sure to go out when the sunshine are in the modest rays' condition. If must go out with long time sun shining, a pair of sunglasses may useful for you.
  • Gillian


    Swollen eyes usually presence of excess fluid in the connective tissues around the eyes. And i heard that sunburn can cause the swelling of the eyes. And if so, you can use aspirin or Motrin or cold compresses to reduce the swelling. Besides, the swollen eyes can also result from trauma, infections, or other injuries to the eye area etc. So, the swollen of eyes is not just ruin your images, but also a sign of some eye disorder.
  • Jack taylor


    Well, actually, sun light, no matter how strong it is, will not give rise to your swollen eyes, since sun light has no direct relationship with swollen eyes. But if you are allergic to strong sun light, then probably your assumption will be possible I think. And generally speaking, swollen eyes are resulted from a lack of sleep or some other reasons.