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Can i drive after strabismus surgery?

Is it ok to drive after taking strabismus surgery? How long can i drive after strabismus surgery?
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  • Gabriella


    It seems that you have just taken a strabismus surgery. Sorry to hear that, but I promise that disease is treatable as long as you pay due attention to your eyes. I know you are eager to drive, but your eyes are not cured and need some time to rest and recover. Perhaps it will take about several weeks before you are good to go. Meanwhile, you should consult a doctor in advance.
  • Caitlin lee


    To help heal your eyes after strabismus surgery, you'd better not drive at least within 2 weeks. Usually, The eyes will be red and somewhat sore after taking strabismus surgery. You can even see the obvious bright red blood in the surgical area. And this redness after surgery will disappear in two or three weeks. Anyway, you'd better ask your doctor or surgeon how long can you drive because he/she know better about your eyes than us.
  • Judy


    Strabismus surgery is surgery on the extraocular muscles to correct the misalignment of the eyes.It's the trird most common eye surgery in the United states.You need to keep your eyes closed for 12 to 24 hours after strabismus surgery. Most people can take usual activities the next day,but if you wonna drive after surgery,ok the time must be two weeks later.I hope that you abide by the ordinary practice and drive at an early date!