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Mackenzie raphael


How to put in contact lense without blinking?

Is there a way to put in contacts without blinking? Any good way?
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  • ebernardino


    The best and easy way for you to put in contacts without blinking is to stretch your eyelids by your hands and fix them for several seconds. The upper eyelids should be stretched upwards and the down eyelids stretched downwards. In that way, your eyeballs' surface will appear more outside, then it is easy for you to put contacts into your eyes. The contacts must be moisture, so it is easy to attached on your eyeballs.
  • walkendeath


    You may feel difficult to when the first time you try to put the contact lenses into your eyes. In fact, it is not so difficult as you imagine. It is easy to take it. Just tilting your head down. Use one hand to hold your eyes by holding the upper eyelids and pull the button eyelid. Then, use your other hand's forefinger to put the lenses into your eyes. Now, you have no change to blink during the process of putting in contacts.
  • Jerry H.


    It looks like you have some trouble in putting contact lenses into your eyes right? Sorry to hear that, so indeed some people do not have big eyes and it becomes difficult for them to wear contacts. My advice for you is to wash your hands clean and put the lenses on your fingertip, then carefully and slowly put them in. The key to success is patience and relaxedness. Just take a deep breath.
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