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What are the treatments for congenital cataract in adults?

My boyfriend just told me he had congenital cataract. i feel very sad. What are the treatments for congenital cataract in adults?
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  • Angela tuener


    Surgery is the only way to treat a congenital cataract permanently. If your congenital cataract is always annoying and always affects your vision, you should go to see a doctor and see whether you can have cataract surgery to treat them. However, if your cataract is not serious, you can treat them by applying prescription medications or having an improved diet and exercise regimen to help relieve from the symptoms your cataracts.
  • walkwithme21


    To treat congenital cataract, the best way, i think, maybe surgery that have the possibility to cure your congenital cataract permanently. But i also heard that patients with visual acuity test scores of better than 20/200 are not suggested to take cataract surgery by doctors. But there still some people with better vision take such surgery. So, you shall get your eye checked and ask advices for the doctor who knows better about your eyes than anyone online.