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How should glaucoma patients diet?

My mother was diagnosed with glaucoma. How should glaucoma patients diet? What foot should she avoid?
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  • Hunter rose


    People who have developed glaucoma should pay attention to their diet. Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B complex are best for people with glaucoma because these kinds of foods can protect their eyes. So people with glaucoma should have seeds, nuts, whole grains, and fresh fruits and vegetables which are good for their eye health. Carrots and dark green leafy vegetables are also good for eye health. And foods they should avoid is coffee which contains high caffeine, thus can lead to high blood pressure and then increase the eye pressure.
  • constans


    First, people with glaucoma should remember no smoking, no drinking, and no strong tea. Because smoking can lead to defects of optic nerve, drinking can cause expand of capillary of your eyes, and also heavy blooding in your eyes, which eventually lead to acute glaucoma. Strong tea is very easy to engender excitement, which is very unfavorable to your sleep, and finally lead to high eye pressure. Second, they should not eat stimulating foods such as sour or spicy food. Third, not drink plenty of water at one time, because excessive water can increase aqueous fluid, and then increase eye pressure. Fourth, can take honey and water food.

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