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what can help you improve your eyesight?

I am just a mild myopia. My doctor gives me a pair of prescribed glasses. I am quite worried about that because I am not accustomed to wear glasses. I want to improve my eyesight and get rid of the glasses. What can I do?
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  • crusanov


    You can use the prescribed glasses to help improve your eyesight. This is the most direct way. I think maybe few weeks later you will get used to the glasses. While if you really do not want to wear them. There are some other ways to help you. You can improve your eyesight through eating some food which is good for your eyes, such as: carrots, meat, fish, milk, eggs and soy products.
  • manny


    I can give you some suggestions to improve your eyesight. First, you must learn about how vision works. Because improving your vision can change the habitual way you see and use your eyes. Second, Place an eye chart on the wall so that you can measure your progress. Third, do relaxation exercises. Place your hands together palm to palm and rub them together briskly to create heat then place them over your eyes and let your eyes relax. Remember that do not let light in. the last one, Exercise your eyes regularly. Move your eyeballs. Look at the distance.