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Paul Hathone


Where can I find an eye doctor who takes Medicare in Atlanta?

I am having a hard time finding an eye doctor center that accepts medicaid here in Atlanta. Pls help!
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  • Richard M Fawcett


    There are many eye doctors who offer Medicare in Atlanta. You can choose one of them to make an appointment with her or him. I will recommend you one of them. One is Dr. Kristie Bennett who is located at 1402 North Highland Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30306. I found the reviews about her are all good, so I think she is a good eye doctor for you to choose. You can get more information about her at here:
  • Jenya


    If you have no idea to find an eye doctor who takes Medicare in Atlanta, you can try it at You can search what you want according to their suggests. Or you go where you may find some eye doctor who accept medicaid. At zocdoc,com, you can find information of some eye doctor such as the doctors' resume and customer reviews. Besides, you can also make an appointment with an eye doctors. Hope this will help.