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misty C.


Is it bad to drink before eye exam?

I drank a lot the night before eye exam and got my prescription the next day. Is the prescription accurate to me? Can alcohol affect the result?
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  • choy Hsu


    Studies show that people who drink a lot would lead to vision loss. Because after drinking a lot, the alcohol will speed up you blood circulation, and cause the eyes bloodshot. There is a specialist term named "alcohol amblyopia".You can look it up in the following page.
  • Julia


    Maybe you can have a drink slight. But i heard that drink too much will cause dilated of the eyes. I don't know if that will cause the inaccurate of the prescription. To be safe, you'd better not drink too much. Or you can consult an eye doctor who must know that exactly. And eye doctor's advices are necessary to help get accurate prescription.
  • Debra Havel


    Before the Check: whether you are a year for the routine check or do a glaucoma scanning, remembering not to drink, it will make blood-vessel inflate. the day before Checking you must have a good rest, can't stay up late. An associate professor of Duke university ophthalmic center, said: ''the best chance for checking is in the early morning, because of the highest intraocular pressure , and easy to find problems. Don't forget to tell doctors the recent drugs and glasses degrees.''