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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under My Eyes Naturally and Fast?

I have heavy dark circles under my eyes. I have tried many ways to relieve them. But it doesn't work. Can you tell me some natural ways to get rid of dark circles? Thank you in advance!
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  • walkthewalk46


    You'd better stay away from alcohol or caffeine. If you are a heavy smoker at the same time, I suggest you to give up smoking for all of these will affect your nerve and further lead to sleeping disorders. And then you may suffer from skin disorders too. Allergies can be a common cause for skin discoloration under our eyes too. So you also need to treat with your allergies. Do you have blocked nose? Blocked nose can lead to dark circles for the veins around our sinuses will be darkened and dilated when we have blocked nose. I also suggest you to apply an eye cream which contains retinol and vitamin K to help with the dark circles under your eyes. Besides, you can eat a healthy and balanced diet and drink enough water every day to relieve your dark circles. Hope this helped.
  • marvina


    Dear friend, chilled cucumber slices or tea bags are often used to relieve dark circles under our eyes. But the effect will last for just a few hours or few days if we can't persist in doing it. So if you want to achieve long time effect, I suggest you to nurture a healthy sleeping habit.
  • Ella Amundsen


    This is easy. Just follow this 4-step guide.

    1. Stop poisoning yourself by chocolate, refined sugar, coffee, alcohol or smoking. These are the most common causes of dark under eye circles.
    2. Start eating 400-600 gramms of vegetables every day. Make sure they're seasonal and vary them often. You'll get every vitamin your body requires.
    3. Start working out. No explanation needed.
    4. Start meditating, it will improve the quality of your sleep. More and better sleep = less ugly under-eye circles & happier and healthier you.

    Good luck!

    Hint: multivitamins and dietary supplements don't work.