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Collin Wallace


How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes From Allergies ?

I am allergic to many things. I can do nothing but to avoid them. But I still have puffy eyes from allergies sometimes. Can you give me some suggestions to get rid of puffy eyes? Thank you in advance!
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  • walking_lives_


    Dear friend, you can put chilled cucumber slices on your puffy eyes. The coolness will calm down the inflammation and make you feel much better. If you don't have cucumbers at hand, you can use tea bags for instead. Chilled tea bags are good for puffy eyes too. Or you can put chilled potato slices on your closed eyes.
  • Jose joyce


    Dear friend, you can apply artificial tears to wash out allergens then you eye needn't produce large quantity of tears to flush allergens out. Then you may avoid having puffy eyes. We know that our eyes will produce large amount of tears to flush foreign objects when we get foreign objects in our eyes. Then the tissues around our eyes begin to become puffy if we rub our eyes at the same time. So you also should avoid rubbing your eyes. You can use cool compresses to calm down the irritated eyes. The symptom will go away few hours later and will not cause great damages to your eyes.

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