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Jonathan griffin


Can Bad Eyesight Cause Anxiety?

I am suffering from anxiety recently. It seems that there is some vision problems occurs. So I am wondering whether bad eyesight will cause anxiety. If it does, what can I do to relieve my anxiety?
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  • chosen_cookie


    Bad eyesight and anxiety can be the cause and effect of each other. have your ever heard that mental strain may produce many different kinds of eyestrain. As to those who experiences anxiety and panic attacks and vision problems at the same time, the best solution for all of the problems is relaxation.
  • Mya harris


    Bad eyesight will cause anxiety. When I was a high school student, I can't see the blackboard clearly. So I can't take notes timely and can't catch up with my teachers. I am suffering great pressure and anxiety at that period. But later I solved my problem by buying a pair of prescription glasses. And sometimes anxiety may lead to vision problems too. The health of our eyes may depend on our blood. Our thoughts will largely influence the circulation of blood. And when we are tense, our eye muscles will tighten, which will affect our vision. However there are ways to relieve bad eyesight and anxiety in our life. We can excise our eyes and body to reduce the stress and eyestrain. We can buy a pair of glasses to help solve our vision problems in an online eyeglasses store. I just bought a pair of glasses for it's the 4th anniversary celebration so the glasses will be cheaper than ever.
  • Rebecca


    Blurred vision is an anxiety symptom that tends to lead to further anxiety. It can be stressful to find that something appears wrong with your vision, and if you suffer from anxiety attacks, that stress can trigger panic episodes. Blurred vision may be a sign of anxiety, and in some cases anxiety may actually be caused by blurry vision.
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  • Karan Basu


    Totally. I got contact lenses today and I feel much cooler and more confident. I can look into anybody's eyes and talk to them without experiencing any social anxiety. Lenses are so cool.

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