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Can an Eye Test Detect Liver Problems ?

The whites of my eyes are yellow. I had an eye test in the last week. The doctor told me that I may have some liver problems. I don't know why he should say that. Can an eye test detect liver problems?
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  • Danielle may


    Dear friend, I think an eye test can't detect liver problems. Eye test can tell you the vision problems you may have. Maybe the doctor is just detecting that you might have liver problems by finding that the whites of your eyes are yellow. The whites of our eyes become yellow can be a sign of some liver problems, so I suggest you to have an overall test of your body and then you can know whether you have liver problems or not.
  • evilbunny1369


    Eye test can't detect liver problems. The person who has liver problems often has yellow spots in the whites of their eyes. So when the whites of your eyes become yellow, it can but a starting sign of an infection on your liver. However, our whites of the eyes may turn yellow if we are a heavy smoker or when we are in the environment that with heavy smokes for a long time. Under such circumstances, the yellow tint will disappear slowly if we get away from smokes or give up smoking. So don't worry, you can have your eyes checked by an eye doctor first.
  • Rebecca


    This is not something that can be directly detected by the eye test.
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