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What Are Some Home Remedies for Pink Eye?

Oh, I got pink eye. I have red and itchy eyes. The redness appearance does really make me look horrible. Can you tell me some way to relieve the symptoms?
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  • estranged_soul


    Guy, you can apply some ice on your closed eyes to calm down the inflammation caused by pink eye. My uncle got pink eye last year. it looks horrible and it is the contagious kind of pink eye. He went to see the doctor immediately and got some medicines. Meantime, he applied some home remedies for pink eye. He applied a piece of cloth wet with white spirits for white spirits can be used to calm down the inflammations of a trauma or infections in china. But I suggest you not do this by yourself for eyes are one of the most delicate parts of our body. If you get the white spirits in your eyes, you may suffer from great pains. So I still suggest you to see an eye doctor immediately for timely treatment.
  • manny


    Dear friend, I got pink eye in the last month, but it is not contagious, I just see my eye doctor and get some eye drops. The symptoms go away a few days later. I'd like to tell you that don't run your eyes for rubbing will make the situation go worse. But there are other kind of pink eyes which can be very contagious. The person who gets this kind of infection may need to stay at home until the infection was totally cured. But no matter what kind of pink eye you may get, you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes.

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