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Why do people wear mirror tinted contact lenses?

I find some mirror tinted contact lenses and I just feel confused why people need to wear them.
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  • Brandi Bednorz


    These lenses can be pretty nest when worn at night. The effect they will have, they will make your eyes flash when light hits them during the night like at parties, clubs, bars, or concerts. Care and cleaning of the lenses are necessary to help stop infections or eye irritation.
    They have no corrective power ratings, so anybody with normal vision can wear them, but they are not appropriate with people who have eye or vision problems.

    The Mirror Contact Lenses is different than most contact lenses, as they are made from different materials. Apart from that they are slightly different in the cleaning process, it's a must to know how to clean them and be shown how to.

    Make sure you talk to a eye care professional before even thinking about putting these contacts in your eyes.
  • Diane Rhone


    Most people wear mirror tinted contact lenses for special effects. Especially these people who are in films, plays or working in haunted houses want to wear these contacts for a dramatic effect. While some other people want to wear mirror tinted contact lenses to protect their eyes from the sun and harmful UVA rays. People who wear mirror tinted contact lenses may just want to hide their eyes so that others cannot see their actual eyes.
  • Victor


    Mirror tinted contact lenses are usually worn for some special effects. We can see them in films. And mirror contact lenses come in two versions, one that covers the iris only and the other, sclera, that covers the entire eye. Aside from looks, wearing mirror contact lenses can also protect the eyes from sun and harmful UV rays like sunglasses do. So, we can also see some baseball players and runners wearing contact lenses.

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