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Can I get bifocal reading glasses clear on top?

I only need reading glasses but I don't want to take them on and off frequently. Can I get bifocal reading glasses clear on top ?
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  • Hunter jackson


    Of course, you can. If you don't need vision correction for distance, you can ask the optician to make bifocal reading glasses without prescription on the top part of the lens. Bifocal reading glasses with clear on top are very popular among people who only get presbyopia and need reading glasses to help them with close-up tasks. But for me, I would only get reading glasses for near work because I don't like wearing glasses all the time and I only wear them when needed.
  • Arianna griffin


    Yes, of course. Bifocal reading glasses can be made according to your requirement. If you want to buy bifocal reading glasses clear on the top, just tell the optician when you buy bifocal reading glasses. Last year, i have bought a pair of bifocal reading glasses with clear lenses on the top at for my mom. I just contacted their customers and told them what i want. Then, they sent us the bifocal reading glasses i want. My mom aids it is works well. You can have a try.