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Can rosacea cause blindness?

Is it possible to cause blindness from rosacea? How can rosacea affect on our eyes?
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  • walki


    It is quite rare in the cases of rosacea that people can get blindness. However, it indeed can lead to some eye problems in some cases. Sometimes, patients with rosacea will feel pains in the eyes or have the feeling of foreign objects in the eyes making eyes very uncomfortable. This is because the secretion can easily get into the eyes and impact the cornea, retina, conjunctiva and so on. If so, you had better go to the hospital for an eye examination and ask for correspondent treatment. Generally speaking eye drops can be helpful in reducing the discomfort in the eyes caused by rosacea. Remember not to rub your eyes in case of worse infection or scratches in the eyes.
  • Cassidy


    Yes, it is possible for you to get blindness from rosacea because of the interlinked nerves in nose and eyes. The affection at the nose will affect your eyes which may cause the damage of your eyes nerves. You should better treat the rosacea firstly and protect the eyes from the healthy diet and good rest. That is very important.
  • eeelisa814


    Well, no, rosacea cannot lead to blindness, so you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, rosacea is associated with a chronic skin condition known as acne rosacea. The problem usually affects those with light skin, and is characterized by redness and bumps concentrated on the forehead, nose and cheeks, even eyes. And at this moment, it will just make your eyes become red, even bloodshot. Also, there are some other symptoms such as redness of the eyelids, burning eyes, eye styes, and dry eyes. But on the other hand, some reports have shown that it will not lead to blindness. To treat it, in common, prescription eye drops which will contain steroids can be effective to the red eyes caused by rosacea. Also, according to some experts, patients with it should avoid hot drinks, spicy foods, alcohol.

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