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Can computer use cause visual snow ?

Is it possible to cause vision snow from using computer in a long time? Why or why not?
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  • Vicki Mercado


    Visual snow is a condition related to the brain, not the eyes. Extended computer use is likely not the cause of visual snow. This is evidenced by patients who developed visual snow before the advent of televisions and computers.

    Visual snow also presents with a cluster of other neurological symptoms listed here -
  • abdi


  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    Well, in my opinion, long time of computer use cannot lead to visual snow, so you do not need to worry about it. But on the other hand, if you watch computer for too long time, it will just increase your eye pressure. In that way, it will lead to eye strain. In a long term, it will just affect your vision. So just be careful about it. By the way, visual snow is a transitory or persisting visual symptom where people see snow or television-like static in parts or the whole of their visual fields, especially against dark backgrounds. And because of that, it will just make your eyes uncomfortable. And, chemical changes can just lead to visual snow.
  • eomer_byrom


    The exact cause of visual snow has not really been found out yet, but many experts have thought about reasons such as overuse of eyes without any rest, dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue eyes. Using the computer for a long time could be an incentive to cause the visual snow. This is because the blue light given away by the computer screen can do much harm to your eyes. And staring at the computer for too long can cause fatigue and pain of your optical nerves and optical muscles, thus your eyes get greatly tired, and the visual snow may appear. If you have to work on the computer for more than six hours, then you had better leave the computer every one hour to let your eyes have a rest for half an hour or more. Do some eye exercises or use some eye drops to get rid of the eye fatigue. Drink more water and eat more vegetables and fruits.