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Can you fly with cataracts?

It is OK to take plane with cataracts? Or it will make my eyes more serious? Does this happen?
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  • Charles Joseph


    Generally speaking, you are not supposed to have flying when you suffer from cataracts, or it will just make the situation more severe. First, you should know that cataracts are among the most common causes of visual impairment in the elderly. They are caused by progressive degeneration of the proteins that make up the lens of the eye, which eventually results in clouding of the lens. And when you have flying, the gravity can just make your eyes suffer from eye strain. And in that way, it will just make cataracts more serious. And that can be dangerous. For patients who have cataracts, cataract surgery can be considered to cure it.
  • walki


    Although nowadays taking planes has been more and more comfortable, the humidity, barometric pressure, changes of gravity and so on inside the cabin still can affect the healthy condition of the passengers including the eye conditions. First of all, the air inside the cabin is usually very dry and barometric pressure there can often lose balance, which will affect your eyes and lead to discomfort. If you are wearing the eye contacts, you may feel uncomfortable eyes. In addition, the dry air inside the cabin will make the water on the surface of the eyeballs evaporate at a high speed, which makes the eye contact lenses become very hard and dry very soon, thus easily making the proteins in the tears that the eyeballs secrete dry and hard and insufficiency of oxygen in the cornea. Therefore, you had better not wear eye contacts when you are taking planes. Besides, if you wear eye contacts, you may have to take care lenses for your contacts lenses and you have to apply for consignment for it, which also makes it inconvenient. So it is better to prepare a pair of frame eyeglasses which is convenient to take and wear.
  • Alexander


    No, it is not ok to take plane with cataracts because of the sudden increasing eye pressure. You need to protect the eyes carefully. Taking plane with cataracts will make your eyes get more serious. You should keep the normal state of your eye pressure. You need to keep the healthy diet and good rest to protect the health of eyes.