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Why is my child's vision getting worse ?

My son worn his prescription about 3 years. And his vision become more serious as times goes by. Why? What can i do to help him stop his vision from more worse?
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  • tuener


    Well, nowadays, there are more and more children whose vision becomes more and more serious. And it can be a serious problem occurring to many people. And generally speaking, there are many factors which can just lead to worse vision. For example, if your child has bad sitting habit, it will just do harm to his eyes. Also, too much time over tv or computer will just increase eye strain. In a long time, it will worsen your eyes, making your vision worse. Of course, for some children, bad vision can just be hereditary. To help your child to correct the vision, you should take more care about some items above. Also, enough vitamins intake can be essential too.
  • Bruce Robot


    There are many ways you can do to ease his myopia by having a good quality rest, a balanced diet and more eye exercises. As we all know, when we fall sleep, muscles of our eyes are fully relaxed reducing the fatigue greatly. The increase of our eyesight degrees is attributed to eye fatigue. Besides, the stronger the muscles, the less strain. So if your son exercises his eyes regularly, he can protect his eyesight absolutely. Further, there is a growing concern about the relationship between myopia and our daily diet. In order to prevent myopia, we are advised to eat less carbohydrate foods, over-cooking protein foods and sugar. Excessive intake of them will lead to the abnormal calcium metabolism causing deficiency chromium and calcium, both of which are important to the regulation of hydraulic body eye. What is more, it is wise of you to add some high-in calcium food including cheese, almonds and green leafy vegetable to maintain the balanced state of calcium.