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Makayla raphael


Are white frame glasses out of style?

I'm shopping for some glasses and I find some white frame ones. I can hardly see people wear such glasses. Are they out of style now?
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  • Calvin


    A nice or cool pair of glasses is definitely a fashionable item for everyone to buy and I think glasses with white frames will never be out of fashion. The style of the glasses is quite important, as well as the colors. When buying a pair of glasses, people tend to choose the ones with dark colored frames. Because they think dark colored ones are not so easy to lose the colors and can be used for a longer time. However, dark colors maybe a little heavy for some seasons, such as spring and summer. This year, bright color is quite in fashion, such as white, yellow, pink and blue. Wearing a pair of glass in bright colors can help to make us look more energetic and refreshing, no matter in the hot summer or cold winter. Therefore, you can definitely choose to buy a pair of glass with white frames.
  • Zoe may


    No, white glasses frames are not out of date. You can hardly see people wear white framed glasses because a few of people can hold such frames because of their skin color and personalities. Generally speaking, white glasses frames are suitable for people with fine and fair skin and pure blue eyes. It will make them look as gentle and tender as angel. If have fair skin color, you can try a pair to distinct yourself from a crowd of people.
  • Alisa O.


    No. White frame glasses are still in fashion these days. Some people who don't like wearing white frame glasses because they don't look good with white framed glasses on. While some other people do look good with white frame glasses. Now I still see many people wearing white frame glasses and they look very cute and charming. So as long as they look great on you, you can also get a pair of white frame eyeglasses to wear.