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What are scratched eyeball treatment?

I got my eyes ball scratched by accident. What are the treatments? Any answer is appreciated.
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  • ea4ever2end


    If the wound is shallow, you can wash your eyes with boiling salt-honey water and wash it three or four times each day because the Saline water can diminish inflammation and sterilize the wounds. Or you can go to hospital to have a precise check which can make it safer or perhaps you can buy some eye drops, if you still fear of insecurity, it is better to use erythromycin ointment and spread it on your eyes daily.
  • eagle_tester_3


    When you scratch an eye, it can be a frightening situation. Whether it is due to a fingernail, piece of dirt, contact lens or paper cut, having a scratch in such a tender area can be very dangerous. Signs that you may have scratched your eye include redness in the white of the eye, blurry vision and excessive tearing. Now here are some tips you can use to make some treatments. First, Visit your doctor or bring your child to the doctor as soon as possible after the injury occurs. He may perform a fluorescence exam to determine if a scratch is present. Harmless orange dye is applied into the eye, which will stick to a scratch. Second, Apply antibiotic ointment to the eye to treat any infection. Reapply every 12 to 24 hours. Obtain the ointment via prescription from your doctor. Then you can Place a patch over the eye to allow the scratch to heal without any further irritation. Leave it on for two days, and then it can recover. Most eyes scratches will heal relatively quickly, so you should not be worried about it.
  • edward


    The cornea is the key part of our eyes, which would be easy injured on the surface layer of the cornea or the eyes, like photophobia. You would know the eye or the cornea is scratched immediately if you have excess amount of tears with uncomfortable sensation in the eye. In order to treat the scratched eyeball, you should blink eyes several times to remove dust, sand or other tiny objects, and flush eyes with water. Then, you should go to see the eye doctor thus he/she would tell you how to take medication. After that, you should place a cold compress on your eyes to wait for decreasing the pain of the cornea.