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How much do children's glasses often cost?

I am about to buy prescription glasses for my kid. How much do kid's glasses cost? Are they very expensive? Can you guys recommend some good places that sell quality glasses at reasonable prices?
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  • Anthony cecil


    It depends on where you buy it and what eyeglasses you choose for your children. I just search online. Most of children's eyeglasses at are $ 29, while the children's eyeglasses at are staring at $ 38. I think the prices are reasonable. Hope this helps.
  • adams


    The prices of kid's eyeglasses are various. The price depends on the place you buy it, what glasses frames and lenses you choose. Speaking of glasses for children, I suggest you to buy flexible and durable eyeglasses frames and lenses. We know children are very naughty. Durable eyeglasses are not easy to get broken such as titanium eyeglasses frame. These glasses feature good durability and light weight. And polycarbonate lenses are recommended. titanium glasses are a little bit more than other glasses. If you buy glasses online, eyeglasses will be much cheaper than those in local stores. You can buy them at Wal-Mart.


    That depends. As far as I am concerned, you would better to get a pair of glasses that are of good quality, because children's eyes need more careful protection. The price is really what matters. You may get free glasses in some online stores such as Firmoo and They offer free glasses for new customers. Glasses for toddler as well as teenage kids are available at cheap prices in Try: Make sure to choose a right fame that fit your baby most and if your children are quite active, consider getting an eyeglass chain to sit around your child's neck. At last, it is really important to ensure that your child can move around naturally and perform simple tasks without the glasses falling off their face.

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