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Bruce Robot


What yearly contact lens will you recommend to me?

I often use Optima 38 (soft lens) for straight 8 years, Now, i want to try other brands of contact lenses. Is there any better brand out there? Or do Acuvue or Focus carry yearly lens too?
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    I think the market for " yearly" lenses is shrinking very fast. I think the contact lenses that last for shorter are better and healthier to the cornea such as Monthly, or 2 week disposables. If you want to get the best suitable contact lenses that won't hurt your eyes, you shall talk to an Optician or Optometrist, they will get you the right lenses and allow you trying disposables one. Good luck.
  • Christopher dale


    Yes, acuvue or focus will carry yearly lens too. You could also choose the Baushe and Lomb contact lenses which own the thin lenses. Such kind of contact lenses containing large amount of water will make your eyes feel comfortable. You could take it into consideration. During your wearing, you should keep notice of your hygiene, often changing the solution.
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