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How to look really pretty with glasses?

I have to always wear glasses because of my vision problem. i want to look pretty even when i wear prescription glasses. Suggestion?
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  • Jason


    In fact, as long as you know yourself exactly, pay attention to the detail of makeup that emphasizes the sense of eye makeup, you can have your own style even while wearing glasses. You should notice that when you need to wear glasses, your eyebrows need be trimmed, and you should brush the eyebrow lightly with the closest color as your eyebrow that will highlight your brow. You also need to remember that the key is to choose the glasses that are suitable for your face shape. If everyone wears the same style glasses, the outlook could be different but the glasses have range of types and styles, you can always find a suitable one.
  • Jackson raphael


    Firstly, you should know the shape of your face. Then you could choose suitable glasses upon your face shape. Generally, angular and geometric frame are suitable for round face and oval and round frames can flatter square faces. You can go to eyeglasses store to have a try and decide which kind of glasses is suitable for your face. Secondly, you should choose the color of glasses upon your skin. If your skin is dark, you would better to choose dark frame. If your skin is white, you could not consider the color because most of color will make you look better.
  • caffienefeen


    If you want to have a pretty look, it is important to choose glasses that can flatter your face. In fact, there are various eyeglasses featuring the latest fashion trend and these glasses are stylish item to make wearers look better. The frame will affect how you look with prescription glasses. So you should find the eyeglass frame suited for you and feature trendy styles. For getting suitable glasses frames, you should think about your face shape, face complexion. And skin color. The easiest way to find suitable glasses a frame is to keep trying on glasses until you find the most suitable one. Besides, in order to make your glasses look better, I suggested to you choose thinner glasses lenses. And then you can choose outfits that match your glasses styles. For example, you can wear vintage prescription glasses to match your vintage attire. You will look very cute.
  • Matthew baker


    To look pretty with glasses, you'd better pick the right frame/color/style for your face. Besides that, some people just don't look good with glasses like some don't look good with contacts. Here are a few tips I've learned. For example, flat nose especially the nose bridge, don't get those plastic frames, because that will make your nose and face look even flatter. Then somewhat wide forehead and around cheekbones, don't get wide angular frames, if you choose that type, it will make your face look even wider. If you are short or round face, just get oval short frames. For chunky eyes, it's best to get metal/under wire frames, but plastic frames. It draws even more attention to your eyes so they look even smaller. Anyway, it all depends on your face, or nose,eyes. so before you want get a eyeglasses, you'd better go and see a eye doctor who will give you some good suggestion。Well, just make sure you pick the right frames for your face, as well as the right color to compliment you skin tone.
  • Paula Lovell


    If you are nearsighted, meaning your glasses help you see things far away, the lenses will make your eyes look smaller. This is what most young people use glasses for. Check on YouTube for different eye makeup techniques to make you look your best. Since your eyes will look smaller, do NOT use eyeliner to line your inner lid close to your eye. That closes your eye area and makes them look even smaller. Use mascara and an eyelash curler. Be sure to use a peachy colored concealer under your eye because eyeglass cast a shadow that emphasizes under eye circles. Be sure and get an anti-reflective coating on your lenses so that people can see your eyes.
  • Flee


    It all depends on the best style for your face shape and coloring. I am sure you look great in them.ok glasses just like anything else cannot take away from your natural beauty. just do your hair and make up like you always do and you will look just as pretty.