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Nathan harris


How to use tools for contact lens insertion?

There are devices to help us insert contact lenses. How to use them? Does anyone have similar experience?
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  • warren


    First of all, you shall wash your hands and clean the contact lenses in solutions to get rid of debris. Second, you shall use the too tool (the one that look like tweezers) pick up the contact lenses. Third, put the contact lenses on the other tool. Fourth, hold the tool that with contact lenses, and use the other hands to raise your upper eyelid and pull down the button eyelid. Then, put the lenses in your eyes.
  • b3st_deceptions


    First, using insertion devices for stiff lenses is the normal way .If you have stiff contact lenses, you can utilize contact lens insertion tools known as plungers or suction holders. Second, it's helpful to use insertion tools for flexible or soft lenses. There is a distinctive device obtainable particularly created to put in or take out soft or flexible contact lenses. The knob of this tool is created including a gripper pad which is arranged in a line together with the form of your eye. Third, when your contacts are a special type, you can try to use specialty insertion devices. There are a number of devices people can utilize for varying contact lens needs. While the insertion tools will surely be of help but the condition is that you have to make sure they are suited for the lenses you have at the moment. Also, you should make your hands clean so that your eyes will not be infected.
  • california_babi


    I often wear contact lenses, I can share you some experience of mine. It is true that have tools help us to put the contact lenses in our eyes and the facts proved that they are useful, but the key is how to use them. According my experience, you should sit in front of a table and ensure that the table is clean and on other things in a area, the table's color had better not too dark. All those things are ensure that you may spend the less time to find the lenses if it is dropped. Then Use one of the tools- forceps to clamp the contact lenses, put it on another tool-the litter sucker, and adjust positon. Then use your thumb and forefinger shove off your eyelid. Holding the other end of the sucker and close to your eyes slowly, you can use a mirror to help you touch the right position. Be careful not to blink. It may have some difficult to wear them successful the first time, but after a few times you will find it is easy. So good luck !
  • Mya baker


    There are some types of contact lens insertion tools. Choosing the correct type of contact lens insertion tools will help you put the contact lenses easily and quickly. There is a insertion tool for stiff lenses which is used to remove stiff or gas permeable contact lenses. Another tool is used for flexible or soft lenses. There are also some types of contact lenses known as special types that need exceptional insertion devices. So you should firstly make sure what kind of tools you want to use. Generally speaking, you need to wash you hand with soap and then use your tool to pick up the lens to inert into your eyes.