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How to look feminine with glasses?

I think these glasses make me a little boylish and I have to wear them all the time. Do you have any idea on a new style with glasses that could make me look more feminine?
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  • Matthew


    Get feminine look with eyeglasses, you shall not only choose the right eyeglasses such as cat eye glasses, but also make up proper and match suitable clothes. IN details, to get nice look, you'd better use eyeliners and eyelashes to give you a big and nice eyes. Then, you shall use proper lipstick that to match with the eye glasses frames. Then wear a skirt and high heels that will make you charming and sexy.
  • ea4ever2end


    First of all, choose glasses that look sexy on you. For example, cat eye glasses is a better choice for you. Then you can also wear some clothes together with your sexy eyeglasses, which can make you look more attractive. Just choose some skirts or dresses which make you look charming. Or you can add some lovely details, too. Make sure your clothes match your glasses well. I believe you can look feminine with these outfits.