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Katelyn smith


Can I wear blue tinted eye glasses for a job interview?

I will take a job interview tomorrow, and i am wondering if I can wear blue tinted eye glasses for it.
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  • Guava


    Generally speaking, tinted eyeglasses are not suitable for a job interview unless your job interview is in the fashion industry.. However, you can regular Corrected glasses if you go to have an interview. When you have an interview, you should show your sincerity. If you wear tinted glasses, the interviewers may think you don't show respect to them or you are not confident because you want to wear tinted glasses to hide something. Good luck!
  • Susie Washington


    Blue tinted eyeglasses are cool and can protect your eyes in sun. But i don't think blue tinted eyeglasses are suitable to wear for a job interview. That because the blue tinted eyeglasses lenses prevent others see your eyes, that is to say, the interviewer can't make eye contact to you. It is really impolite for him. Besides, wearing a pair of eyeglasses with tinted lenses may make interviewer misunderstand that you have no confidences. Therefore, you'd better not wear it.