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What sunglasses are suitable for a wide nose bridge?

I have a problem finding sunglasses sitting on my nose properly. I have a wider nose bridge than most manufacturers design offer, like its pretty big on the top but normal on the bottom. What sunglasses would suit me?
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  • gerard


    Since you have a wider bise bridges, you'd better choose sunglasses that are with adjustable nise pads so that you can adjust the frame yourself if you feel uncomfortable. Besides, you can shall look sunglasses with a wider areas at the bridges like the Kaenon Jetty. Again, i think the design of aviator style sunglasses are good choices for people with wide bridges. Anyway, you shall try on and choose the best suitable one, Good luck.
  • equine_world


    If you want to buy sunglasses for your wide nose bridge, you can go to your local optical store to get customized sunglasses that just fit your wide nose bridge exactly. The optometrist will measure the size of your nose bridge so that the sunglasses can fit you properly. People with wide nose bridge should choose sunglasses with nose pads. This kind of sunglasses can be adjusted to fit the nose bridge exacly by adjusting the nose pads. Good luck!