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Erin rupert


Does anyone know who makes tag heuer sunglasses?

Do you know about Tag Heuer sunglasses? Anyone know who make it?
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  • b1ttersw33t7


    Well, you should know that Edouard Heuer made the tag heuer sunglasses. They are very famous brand which are used by many people who like fashion. They are a brand from France. And they are kind of expensive. For the prices, because they have different kinds of types, the prices are different too. But it can cost you at least 100 dollars. And the high price can be more than 2000 dollars. So we can say they are the luxury goods for some people. And I will suggest you buy them on online shop where they are cheaper than the real ones, and they are also of good quality. Also, they can be a symbol of your personality. Besides, when you buy them online, you should pay attention to the warranty so that you can send them back, if you do not like them.
  • Logan hall


    So, since you are really interested in that kind of sunglasses, let me introduce to you Tag Heuer sunglasses. To be honest, it was founded in Switerland more than a century ago which used to make top quality watches, soon it came to produce sunglasses, and earned great fame for its nice quality and beautiful design. Personally speaking, I like them very much and it is made by Swiss producer.