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Ryan evelyn


How to make my eyes look more feminine?

I want a more feminine look. How do I do to make eyes look more feminine?
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  • Caspar


    Really? I cannot believe a man could have such a desire. Anyway, if you insist on wanting to do this, I have some advice for you. First, you should buy some eye makeups, and indeed there are some eye makeup not confined to women, you can use them as well. Nevertheless, you might as well buy a pair of nice contact lenses to beautify your eyes, which could make your eyes shining! You can find lots of nice and cheap contacts over some eyewear stores.
  • steven


    Everyone has the heart of beauty.It's a piece of cake for you to possess a more feminine look. Different methods can realize the purpose.The first way is to use a mascara to darken and lengthen the eyelashes, an eye liner so as to give the illusion of more open eyes applied above the eyelashes on the upper lid and below the eyelashes.As known to us,large and round eyes will have a more feminine look than small and narrow ones.So the second way is to stencil your brows, just using a beige pencil to color over the hairs you wanna remove. In so doing,your eyes will look more feminine.Of course,there are other ways for you to carry out.Hope to help you !