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How to wear glasses with a football helmet?

Is there a way to wear glasses with a football Helmate on?
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  • Mya harris


    Well, it seems that you are going to battle with your rivals on the court. Since the room between the helmet and your face is small, it would be very hard for you to wear conventional glasses. However, if you try to wear contact lenses, the problem will be fixed I think. By wearing contacts, you will feel free to battle without fearing for the breakage of your glasses.
  • evilbunny1369


    Sure,actually there are some football player having vision problems already wear glasses while playing. First, you should choose the right sports frames according to your face shape and the frames you choose must fit inside the football helmet well. Because you must get some powerful strikings while playing, you must choose the frames made of impact-resistant polycarbonate or plastics. What's more, if the frames contain rubber padding to decrease the impact on the wear's nose and head, that will be much suitable.