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What is the difference between pink eye and a cold in the eye?

When we have a cold, there may be some red veins in our eyes. How can i tell the difference between pink eye and a cold in the eye?
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  • Mariah


    Well, as a matter of fact, the difference between red eyes and cold-led eyes are not that evident. However, there are always some ways to identify which is which. So, you should know that pink eyes are always followed by an itchy sense in your eyes and you cannot stand that feeling. In contrast, red eyes resulted from cold have no such feeling. Just take care of your eyes.
  • Luke oliver


    It is easy to tell. Red veins in eyes are generally the blood in vessels. For some reason, the vessels are burst and blood cumulates on conjunctiva so that there are red veins. The reason of vessels burst is various. It may be the cold weather, external pressure and so on. Red veins exist often and is easy to be cured. Pink eye is a kind of serious disease which is more terrible than red veins. It is aroused by bacteria and is a type of inflammation of eyes. It is also much more uncomfortable to people. When you get red veins, you will feel nothing but a little bit swelling. However, if you get pink eyes, you will feel hurt, burning, itch and fuzzy. Some people even feel headache. Thus, you can easily tell that which one is pink eye and which one are just red veins.

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