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What face shape do aviator glasses go well with?

I've never purchased aviator glassses before so I'm quite clueless in this. What face shape do aviator glasses go well with?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    Aviators look great with practically any face shape.As a general rule, the shape of your sunglasses should be the opposite of the shape of your face. While this is not an exact science, we can consider that most people will fall into one of six different facial shapes: Oval: most frames will be suitable for an oval face. Contemporary shades with a slightly lower profile would be a good fit. For example, Ray-Ban RB 3362 Cockpit aviator sunglasses are perfect for an oval face. Round: with a round face, sunglasses that make the face appear longer are best. Shades that are slightly wider than the face and that have angular details will do the trick. Ray-Ban outdoorsman family of aviator sunglasses are a goof example of large, detailed sunglasses. Diamond: diamond shaped faces generally feature very strong cheekbones and slim jaws. Look for sunglasses with an oval shape to soften the harder edges. Ray-Ban classic RB3025 Large Metal Aviator shades, the original aviator design, are an excellent choice. Square: a square face is recognizable by the strong jaw line and heavy brow. Think football player. Many different types of shades will work well, although a more oval design is best. As with an oval face, Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit model works very well. Long: the goal of wearing sunglasses if one has a long face is to make it a bit wider, and perhaps even a bit shorter. Rounded sunglasses with some detail on the frame are desired. Ray-Ban RB3138 Shooter aviators are spot on for someone with a long face. The circular detail on the bridge will draw attention away from the length of the face, and the rounded tear drop shape of the frame will provide a bit more of a shapely look. Triangle: a face shaped this way has a narrow jaw and wide forehead. Sunglasses that aren't too wide are preferable so as to not make the forehead look wider. For smaller people, Ray-Ban RB3044 is an excellent choice, with a stronger teardrop shape that follows the shape of a triangular face quite nicely. Sources:
  • enternalhate


    As Aviators glasses have the tear drop shape, they will go well with any type of face shape. If you have a small face, you'd better choose aviator eyeglasses in small size. If you have a wide face, you should choose aviator glasses in large size. However, in my opinion, aviator eye glasses will look best on people who have a square face. The best way to see whether the aviator glasses will look good on you is to try them on in the local optical store.
  • Cameron


    Aviator glasses compliment every kind of face shape and are thus the favorite choice for sporting a trendy and chic look. As the aviator sunglasses are available in a variety of different chic and attractive designs, for every kind of face shape, every interested man and woman can indulge their desire to find the perfect pair for themselves. For each kind of face shape a distinct aviator style and design, is available.