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Zoe may


What kind of glasses are indestructible glasses?

I'm looking for indestructible glasses! Any ideas?
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  • enycelilmamii


    Indestructible glasses? You may mean titanium glasses, memory plastic glasses, memory metal glasses which made of titanium, memory plastic and metal frames. Compared common glasses frames, those glasses frames are more durable, unbreakable and impact resistant. Besides, titanium glasses can be bend and twisted and return its original shape. So, if you want indestructible glasses, you can consider to buy eyeglasses with titanium frame, memory plastic frame or memory metal glasses frames.
  • garcia


    indestructible glasses include indestructible glasses frames and indestructible glasses lenses. The lens of indestructible glasses should be Polycarbonate lenses (PC lenses). They are more impact-resistant, lighter and thinner, compared to common plastic lenses. The frame of the indestructible glasses are usually made of titanium, memory plastic and memory metal etc. These kinds of glasses frames are very durable, unbreakable and can be twisted without being damaged. The industructible eyeglasses are widely used in sports eyeglasses and kids glasses.

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