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Why do people wear clear lens glasses?

I just can't understand why people wear clear lens glasses even though they have good vision. It is just like using hearing aid when they have good hearing. Very strange to me.
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  • Allison walker


    If you still think eyeglasses are stupid and dull thing to help see clear, you are out! Now, eyeglasses frames has become a part of fashion. So, there are lost of people with perfect vision but wear clear lens glasses. In fact, the clean lenses eyeglasses are main worn for fashion look. To get new and fashion look, there are still some people with good vision wearing glasses frames only for looks.
  • Zoe may


    Most people wear clear lens glasses for fashion purpose. Npwadays, there are many fashion non prescription glasses appearred on the market. These non prescription glasses are designed for people who have perfect vision and also want to wear glasses to add some fashion element to their look. clear lens glasses are not only just for fashion purpose, they can also protect your eyes from wind, dust. Make sure choose the style of non prescription glasses that suit you best.
  • Michael Lambert


    Niether do I. I was prescribed glasses over 10 years ago and just now got my most recent prescription filled. I started getting headaches from straining, so I didn't have a choice. And I can't bare to stick anything on my eyeball. I hate glasses, I hate the way they look on me and anyone else. No one looks good with glasses, they make you look like a nerd, and I can't firgure out why anyone would want to look like some loser nerd.

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