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Is it bad to share colored contact lenses ?

My sister have perfect vision, so do I. And we find that colored contact lenses are beautiful. Can i share my colored contact lenses with my sister since we needn't vision aids and the lenses are non prescription? Or it is a bad idea?
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  • cookie127


    As usual, wearing the colored contacts does not harm your eyes on condition that you use them and protect your eyes properly. As we all know, colored contacts are cosmetic accessories used by people, especially the girls who love beauty, interested in temporarily changing their eye color, so you can feel free to put on your loved colored contacts. Nevertheless, you should put some attention to the eyes and the contacts, for example, colored contacts should not be worn overnight, not to mention to for a long time, which may dry up and stick to your iris. Meanwhile, according to the experts, proper hygiene and handling can help you to avoid the eye infection when you are using colored contact lenses. Consequently, pls remember wash your hands before and after putting on/off the lenses and never allow someone other to wear your loved contacts.
  • evil_lanruoj


    Actually not, but it really depends on why you would wear them for. Basically, they can change the apparent color of the eyes. The lenses have a false-patterned iris color painted on their surface with non-toxic inks. As colored contact lenses are made from identical materials to certain soft hydrogel contact lenses, they are approved by the FDA and are perfectly safe to wear. However, you do not sleep in colored contacts due to they are not oxygen breathable enough to allow for sleeping in the lenses.
  • Christian george


    There is no doubt that it sharing colored contact lenses will bring you a lot of trouble. Colored contact lenses, the first idea is to help the people to cover flaws of the eyes, later they are widely applied to film in the makeup. As the life becomes more rich and colorful, colored contact lenses gradually osmosis to fashion life by the unique charm. Although, colored contact lenses have been integrated into our life, colored contact lenses are still belongs to a higher risk of medical equipment products. So we need to be especially careful and make sure whether they are clean and use them in right way. sharing colored contact lenses with each other is certainly wrong. In addition, you should also develop good habits with the eyes.
  • Clarice Rosas


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